Groupoem's song "GAGLINE" hits #10 on

Full Impact Radio's Top 30 Chart (365 Radio Network)


GROUPOEM's next album, titled "Carbonanus" is dropping this Spring!  

We'll be offering our first Groupoem Band T-shirt for sale soon, 

stay tuned for details.


Groupoem Reunites and Re-ignites the alternative rock music world with its new album – DIRT CHURCH!

      Groupoem began in 1983 as "Mr. Science", before transforming into "Groupoem" in 1986.  The newly formed band consisted of guitarist/songwriter, Terry Robinson, and his incredible catalog of original compositions with singer/songwriter Marph/Nobody/ singer/songwriter, aka. Mr. Science, along with Darren Katamay on bass and Chris "Flea" Lee on drums.  In 1987, the band went on an American tour after releasing a 12-inch EP began with music that challenged the conventional ideas of punk and alternative rock, created an extensive catalog of powerful original music defying any comparisons.  The band’s live shows were ignited by lead singer Marph’s ever changing found art wardrobe and the band’s own original sound.

     Following the '87 tour Groupoem disbanded and took a break for 25 years, until 2013. 

     While the band was on hiatus Terry Robinson also played with Bunchofuckinggoofs (Toronto); Marph - solo  Mr Science (Toronto, Vancouver), Album - “The Hand That Made The Kingdom Come”; Chris Lee - recorded & toured with Toronto’s Guilt Parade (Fringe Records) and after “Hevs Duties” (Toronto); Darren Katamay - recorded & toured with the band Forced Anger (Detroit).

     Groupoem band began its journey of regrouping with all original members and began rehearsals working on brand new material from Terry Robinson's vast repertoire of songs in December of 2013.  Ironically, all four members of the band separately had migrated from Toronto to the Vancouver, BC area. Thus, the reunion was complete.

     The new album release, DIRT CHURCH, is the culmination of the band’s new music, engineered by renowned Canadian music veteran Tim Crich, and unreleased material from 1987 recorded at X-IT recording studio in Toronto.

     Groupoem is looking forward to getting back into the Studio to begin working on they’re next album as well as preparing for their next live tour.